Already Halfway?

It’s hard to believe that harvest is almost to the halfway point across the country. It feels like just a few weeks ago we were planting and wondering what the season might hold. As we all know, this season was a roller coaster of weather and environmental conditions. From the monsoon season with record breaking precipitation to the 1,000 year drought that followed. In the state of Indiana, during the middle of October, 45% of the corn crop has been harvested with 36% of the crop rated in good condition along with soybean harvest at 62% harvested rated at 39% of the crop in good condition. During this season’s harvest, as we have been talking to growers jumping in and out of combines, some folks are having record yields while others are having a season they would prefer to forget. With that said, yields have been very sporadic across the board. All steaming form the start of the season as previously stated in about the weather. With the past and current week having ideal conditions for running hard, please be safe. Remember, the best harvest is a safe harvest. We’re almost there!

About CFS

Crop Fertility Specialists, (CFS) is a Northern Indiana crop input retailer originating more than 50 years ago. The company is committed to providing leading technology, products, and services in their corn and soybean markets to maximize returns for their customers.
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