Weed Control

Rain, rain when will it rain? After a season of too wet conditions here we are with one of the driest harvests ever. In June too much rain in October very little rain. Harvest is rapidly approaching a climax. Soil testing has become hard due to dry conditions. Winter will rear its ugly head soon will you be ready?


Some fields have good weed control others had no chemical left after the monsoons. Sound decisions need to be made this fall, not all fields need sprayed others will. We have weeds that have come on due to the warm weather that have not set seed. These should be addressed this fall. 2-4-d and roundup are a cheap option. Remember if you had weed issues this year they will be back to haunt you next year. Sounds silly but sometimes you need to spend money to make and/or save money. Weed control is an ongoing battle, change up the chemistry you use; keeping them off guard with different modes of action is the best way to stop resistance. Check with your local CFS for solutions to your problems.

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