Tips for Selecting your Grain Corn Hybrids

The decision you make when selecting what corn hybrids you will plant will affect your farm for the next year. With that said it is very important for the grower to take the time and fully evaluate hybrids or the type of hybrid he or she will use.

The first step in the process is to develop a crop plan for next year early. In doing so, that allows one to make decisions on hybrid selections knowing that he or she will be able to access the seed, seed sizes, and trait packages they want with the peace of mind in the availability of these selections. The next step would be to evaluate hybrid performance. One of the key items to look at is not always the hybrid that wins the plot, but to look at the hybrid that is always consistently at the top that has excellent performance form plot to plot, geography to geography, and soil type to soil type… consistency is the key.

You are going to want to determine key agronomic characteristics. As we look at the different traits and key characteristics of hybrids, every grower will have a different interest on what works for them. Strong roots, strong stalks, and good overall health can allow hybrids to be left in the field to either allow longer drydown time or to stand for a late harvest if needed. You are going to want to choose a range of relative maturities to help spread out your harvest window in the fall. Another consideration would be crop rotation and the previous year’s crop removal of nutrients. These are just a few of the things a grower needs to consider when selecting hybrids. With so many different products on the market and factors to think about, contact your local CFS to get assistance in making your decisions for the next year’s purchases.

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