Ahhh fertilizer, which way will it go?

With the harvest being beautiful weather we haven’t seen that much movement. Some places are going strong others at a standstill. The industry has done what they do best positioning pricing to react to grain. As your local retailer can tell you finding the direction has been hard. One thing is certain the upside potential is greater than the down side. As harvest winds down to the end farmers are starting to focus on fertilizer more. If we have a big push prices will climb due to spot outages. Getting that fertilizer plan into place will be key, to having consistent pricing.

With the variation in the crop, decisions will be interesting this year. If you had good crops in your area fertilizer replacement will be key for success next year. If your crops weren’t so good, you will be tempted to reduce fertilizer. Soil testing is the key to make the sound decision. Remember the best way to combat lower pricing is with more yield. Keeping your ground in optimum soil health gives you the best chance at higher yield. Contact your local dealer to find out what your fertility needs are. They will advise you in the most economical way to have success. To give you the best chance at being profitable.


About CFS

Crop Fertility Specialists, (CFS) is a Northern Indiana crop input retailer originating more than 50 years ago. The company is committed to providing leading technology, products, and services in their corn and soybean markets to maximize returns for their customers.
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