Big data,

the things we try to use. There are a lot of companies that are showing the way with the data collected from our farm equipment today. John Deere, Case IH, New Holland on the equipment side, Pick a seed company, they all promise to help you improve yields. There seems to be an app for everything.

As farmers we continue to embrace technology to better ourselves in our pursuit of profitability. Who actually owns the data? Companies will say it is yours but is it? When storing data in the cloud can others have access to it? Questions I don’t have all the answers for. One thing is certain; data will help improve the management of your acres. How you use it with your crop adviser will give you the best benefit. Layers of data are a good tool to help make informed decisions on the things you do. It does not control the weather. As we look to next year sorting through the information available is a daunting task. The seed man is ready for your order today, the fertilizer dealer is ready to spread, and the banker is watching closely. The year ahead calls for planning more so than ever.

Marketing is the key to locking in profits. To market correctly locking down input costs are critical. In a fertilizer market that is wallowing along pulling the trigger on purchasing will be critical. The benefits of applying at the right time give you the greatest return on yield. Whether you have sand or heavy clay or something in between timing is a must. Your local CFS dealer is here to help you make those decisions. As we look forward to the next growing season be sure to use all of the assets a good dealer can bring to the table.