Learn more about the 7 newest corn herbicides

Curtis Thompson, weed management specialist, has compiled information about seven corn herbicides newly available for the 2016 growing season. Visit http://bit.ly/1WXodTT for additional details.


1. Acuron. This herbicide from Syngenta contains atrazine and three other active ingredients. It can be applied from 28 days prior to planting until corn is less than 12” tall to control broadleaf weeds such as Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, kochia and more. For use on grain or silage corn.

2. Armezon PRO. This herbicide from BASF controls postemergence weeds. It is similar to Armezon, but by adding dimethenamide-P, farmers also gain residual activity on pigweeds and annual grasses. This herbicide can be tankmixed with other corn herbicides and is synergistic with atrazine.

3. DiFlexx. This herbicide from Bayer controls a similar weed spectrum as other dicamba products, and has a safener with soil and foliar activity. Tankmix with other products to control kochia, palmer amaranth, marestail, ragweed species and Palmer amaranth.

4. DiFlexx Duo. “This is not registered as of Feb. 1, 2016, but registration is expected prior to corn planting,” Thompson notes. This herbicide adds tembrotrione, the active ingredient in Laudis. The combination of active ingredients can provide excellent of control of most annual broadleaf weeds, Thompson notes.

5. Enlist Duo. This herbicide is a combination of glyphosate plus 2,4-D acid as choline salt. Thompson says the recent history of this herbicide is a bit complex. In November 2014, Enlist Duo received a full federal label. The EPA later motioned to vacate the registration, but Dow AgroSciences reported on Jan. 27 that a court case denied this motion. According to Thompson, some foreign export approvals for Enlist corn hybrids, including to China, are still pending.

6. Resicore. This herbicide from Dow AgroSciences contains three active ingredients. Use pre with atrazine for control of pigweeds and most other broadleaf weeds, and use post with atrizine for control of most broadleaf weeds, Thompson says. It will provide adequate control of most annual grasses in post if tankmixed with a herbicide that has activity on grass species, he adds.

7. Revulin Q. This herbicide from DuPont has activity on both grass and broadleaf weed species. “Best control will be attained if tankmixed with glyphosate, which enhances grass control, and/or atrazine, [which] synergizes mesotrione and enhances broadleaf control,” Thompson notes.